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Protect Your Solar System!

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Maintenance will keep your system harvesting the greatest amount of energy from the sun for many years.


Preferred Plumbing does more than just plumbing, we also specialize in Solar Systems. If your system is not working as it should, we can diagnose the cause and find the most efficient, cost-effective solution. We can replace solar panels or upgrade them. We also offer technicians that can address any wiring or electrical issues associated with your system. We can help you even if we did not install your current system.


You purchased solar because you expected a low maintenance, money saving solution. Yet, if your solar panel system is not producing as it should, you may be missing out its full benefits. Our trained technicians can conduct a full inspection of your system to ensure that it is functioning at its full potential.


There are times when a repair is not needed, and a simple cleaning can give you a better output. Our trained technicians can properly and safely wash your panels using the proper equipment, and methods, to protect your solar system’s warranty. Our services will keep your system working at its optimal performance while giving your home a clean and appealing look.

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