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Your Preferred Southern California Sewer & Drain Repair

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There are times when clogged drains are an easy fix. However, they can be an indication that there are deeper plumbing issues.

Preferred Plumbing 911’s certified technicians can handle drain clogs and main line stoppages. From main line stoppages to sudden clogs in the kitchen drains, to bathroom tubs, showers, toilets and sinks we can fix it all.

We also specialize in home restorations caused by backups, and water damage. We can repair all home repairs to give you the peace of mind every home should provide.

Why did my Sewer Backup?

It is not uncommon in particular in older homes for trees to break pipes. The tree roots often break through a pipe and clog the flow to and out of your home. Repairing these pipes should not be undertaken by a novice, for they require a professional’s attention. This is why Preferred Plumbing is your best choice to tackle this and any other sewer or drain backups you may have. Do not wait for sewage to come into your home, call us today and see why we are your preferred plumbing solution.

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